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Poem: Dear Life

Poem: Dear Life

Nigeria Armed forces Remembrance Day They choose to protect the people, they chose death rather than life, face opposition with the little they have, they see service to humanity as a priority. 

Dear life, I don’t know how to address you, since you keep changing race and gender,
you’ve given me the best moments and the worst altogether
you’ve made me cry and made me laugh
you’ve made me angry and made me laugh

you gave me friends and made them enemies
you showed me a door and shut it right before my eyes
you showed me riches but insist I must be poor before enjoying it
you showed me a bed but yet allowed me to sleep on the bare floor
you took those we love and gave us those whom we love and never cared if they loved us back

it’s funny how it sounds but I still love you
it’s funny how some give up and yet we curse them
it’s funny how those we trust betray us and laugh at us
it’s funny how families depend on us but we fail them

it’s definitely a teary story to tell
but we choose to make it up with laughter
our disguise is so perfect
our simple gives others hope
our touch heals them

dear life thank you for all
Thank you for the time we had it all
thank you for the time we had none
thank you for the time we cried ourselves to sleep
thank you for all



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